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Introducing our exquisite Zodiac Collection - a stunning range of candles designed to reflect each star sign's unique personality traits. Each candle is meticulously curated using the finest natural ingredients and features a mesmerizing aroma that encapsulates the essence of your zodiac sign. Perfect for any occasion, our Zodiac Collection makes a thoughtful and personal gift option. The moon dictates what we respond to emotionally and instinctively, and there can be something very primal about the scents we love!


Aquarius: An unconventional sign that tends to stray far from the beaten path- easygoing and unique-  enjoy rich patchouli, fresh citrus blends, and soft musk. 


Capricorn: Ambitious with a sensitive side- amber, cedar, and camphor reflect their earthy, reliable personality.


Pisces: Dreamy, their creativity and artistry are unmatched; this water sign loves notes of ozone, sea salt, and freesia. 


Aries: Known for their invigorating and bold energy, which translates to a mixture of warm and energizing notes of amber, citrus zest, and tea petals.


Taurus: Trendy, sensual, and connected to nature-  it's only fitting this candle is infused with warm mahogany, lavender, and earthy wood.


Gemini: Multi-dimensional; soft, yet strong and a plethora of notes to include: metallic, black currant, lemon, wood, and cardamon. 


Cancer: "Water babies" who are always in touch with their emotions that can be overwhelming at times, this candle was curated with notes of uplifting citrus, fruity, and tropical accords.


Leo: Bold and fiery, these notes of crisp citrus, a woody blend followed with fresh lavender and Asian Sandalwood will leave an impactful impression.


Virgo: Practical and sensible Virgos are grounded and subtle and so is this candle that embarks on a scent journey to include sage, seagrass, sweet tonka, and oakmoss. 


Libra: Libra is a sweet, soft air sign, and they strongly value harmony and are always trying to find balance. The good thing is notes of sandalwood, patchouli, incense, and palo santo can help get this accomplished!


Scorpio: A powerful water sign, not afraid to be who they are. The mysteriousness of this candle includes notes of citrus, blue sage, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and smoke embers. It's BOLD and UNAPOLOGETIC, just like the people who wear this sign!


Sagittarius: The wanderer... who is both warm and energetic. It’s hard to pin them down, always dreaming up new ideas or booking trips. It's only fitting that we add a dose of ozone, a pinch of the black sea, eucalyptus, powder and clove bud to this nomad's candle.


Shipping begins February 9, 2024





Zodiac Collection


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