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What started out as pure love for candles has blossomed into a small business for these two savvy Queen City Chicks and an educational adventure for the mini chick! 

Meet Cassandra, Latoya, and the mini chick, Victoria: The Creative Minds Behind Two Chicks Candles


Who We Are
Cassandra and Latoya are the powerhouse team behind Two Chicks and Company's latest venture: the Candle Edition. Imagine this: two spirited women plunging into the art of candle-making amid the chaos of quarantine. It's as if they looked at each other and said, "Let's light up people's lives!"

Our Journey
After months of meticulous research (and a lot of sniffing), Two Chicks Candles made their grand debut on September 1, 2020. Along for the ride is Victoria, the mini chick, who’s learning the ropes alongside these candle connoisseurs. But they’re not just any wax enthusiasts; they're on a mission to create the cleanest-burning candles. 


Why Clean-Burning Candles 
Cassandra and Latoya are committed to cleanliness for a reason: they both have severe allergies. Their candles are crafted to be as allergy-friendly for babies, pets, and of course, you! 


Our Ingredients
Their secret? All-natural ingredients! Using coconut-soy wax and 100% cotton wicks, sourced from local North Carolina vendors, they support the local economy while creating top-notch candles.


Affordable Luxury
Quality doesn’t have to be expensive. Cassandra and Latoya believe everyone should enjoy great candles, not just those with deep pockets. The mission is to provide high-quality candles at prices that won’t break the bank.

Our Philosophy
In the words of the Two Chicks themselves: "Candles make us happy. We're like mad scientists in the lab, hand-pouring each one, infusing them with clean scents, good vibes, and pure intentions. We hope you love burning them as much as we love making them. Explore our collection and light up your life with Two Chicks Candles! Cheers to happy burning!




Victoria (the mini chick)

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