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What started out as pure love for candles has blossomed into a small business for these two savvy Queen City Chicks and an educational adventure for the mini chick! 

You may have heard the name Two Chicks before in the North Carolina area previously. Two Chicks and Company has now added another branch to its brand with the Candle Edition. 

Cassandra and Latoya began making candles in the midst of Quarantine. After months of research and testing, Two Chicks Candles launched on September 1, 2020. 

Both ladies enjoy trying new scents, blending uncommon ones to make their own, and sharing their creations with fellow candle enthusiasts. While they love candles, they knew that they needed to be clean-burning (free of carcinogens and other toxic chemicals because of their own allergies). They are committed to providing candles that are toxic-free by using all-natural products (coconut-soy wax and 100% cotton wicks) that are sourced from local NC vendors.

Clean burning candles is their top priority, but so is affordability. They both believe that candles are for everyone and quality, clean, long-burning candles shouldn't cost a fortune. 

"Candles make us happy. We love getting in the lab, hand-pouring each one, and infusing them with delightful, clean scents, good vibes, and pure intentions. We hope each candle lover who purchases a candle from us, loves burning them- just as much as we love making them."




Victoria (the mini chick)

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