Tickle your senses. Express yourself. Decorate your space. 

The daily collection is home to our clean, earthy, masculine, unisex line of coconut candles. These candles are great for your bedroom, bathroom and living room!

Top Seller: Orchid Sea

We have what you need to indulge in self-care! This line of candles encourages and promotes self-relaxation. Infused with essential oils, you'll find an array of candles with Lavender, Sage and Lemongrass as high notes. 

Top Seller:  #Selfcare & The Cleanser 

It's a celebration of Black Excellence.

Top Seller: Grey Sweatpants & Hey You...

Usher in the new season with fresh new scents in your home. Aromatics of all things sea-inspired, the beach and Caribbean life! 

Top Seller: Volcanic Eruption & Meet Me at the Beach

We sample and blend so many scents. And while we may like them, sometimes we make the executive decision to only make a limited amount of them and not add to our permanent line. The candles in this collection are limited (only 1-2 of them cured) and will rotate often, so get them while they're available!