Tickle your senses. Express yourself. Decorate your space. 

This is by far our cleanest smelling line of coconut- soy wax candles. From lavender to, eucalytpus, lemon, and all things "clean and spa-like" there's a variety to choose from! We have what you need to indulge in self-care and relaxation. 

Top Sellers: Volcanic Eruption, Luxury Home, #Selfcare

Think honeysuckle, jasmine, gardenia, and roses. The floral collection is filled with flowers of all kinds. 

Top Seller:  Gardenia Tuberose

Candles in the earthy line boast scents that are earthy, with some masculine and woodsy tones. Think cashmere, amber, sandalwood and all things that make for a cozy setting!

Top Sellers:  Cocoa Cashmere, and Hey You...

Always check us out. As the new seasons and holidays arrive, so will candles that work well for that specific holiday/season.

Top Sellers: White Christmas, Fuzzy Socks, Caribbean Salsa, The Sweetest

Who doesn't like a good sweet candle every now and then? From citrus agave to aromas of the Caribbean, these fruity candles are bound to get your juices flowing!

Top Seller: Volcanic Eruption

Get Lit Subscription Sets are a great way to celebrate throughout the year with us. Five times a year, we will offer a set of 4-5 candles with limited fragrances for a limited time. 

Love Language- Coming January 15

Spring Fling- Coming March 15th

Summer Vibes- Coming June 1

I Love Fall- Coming in August

Holiday Cheer- Coming in October